Feast of the Sacred Heart 2013

On retreat this week our very good retreat giver, invited us to reflect upon who we are. To pay attention to our hearts and what’s in them. To be aware of our story; our history; our present reality and our dreams. He invited us very gently to reflect upon the dreams that had not become a reality, the disappointments and moments of pain. He invited us to reflect on achievements, joys our whole experience.  It was a very gentle and sensitive but sometimes difficult journey through the heart.

We don’t always get the opportunity to stop and creatively reflect on our lives. Very often we are just getting on with them, living them as best we can, picking ourselves up from the difficulties and hopefully having time to celebrate the successes. It’s important though that we do increase our awareness of what is in our heart, what needs to be celebrated, what needs to be healed, what simply needs to be given a voice and grieved for. We may not understand everything or have answers but it’s important just to acknowledge, to notice, to be honest with ourselves.  If we are blessed with good friends we can talk through without judgement or opinion what’s there. Sometimes simply talking something through is all that’s needed.

In this feast of the Sacred Heart we are offered something very important. We are offered a safe place to take the contents of our own hearts.  A sacred place, a loving place, a place that contains the experience of abandonment, loneliness, suffering, joy, peace, trust. A place that we are not strangers, a place where nothing contained in our own hearts is shocking or beyond love.

Jesus exposes to us the real dimensions of love, something healing, selfless, gentle, forgiving. He exposes a gift so that we know where to take everything, our gratitude and our regret for the past, our present reality, who we really are and where we really are rather than the fantasy we sometimes live in and try to portray to others, and our future, our dreams and our fears.  This revelation of Divine love, this very human heart, that bleeds with love for us means that we are not alone, we always have somewhere to go, somewhere to take things, someone to trust in and seek healing from. It’s in that heart and only in that heart that we are renewed and healed and made whole again. All that we are searching for is there and we needn’t worry how to find it because he is already searching for us.