The story of Ambition began with an ash cloud and a chance conversation on a train where two people with a similar vision began talking to one another about the work they did and the hopes they had; to give opportunities, to raise aspirations and help people to have and realise their ambitions.  The two people were Fr Andrew and Natalie Pryce.

A series of music master classes followed in which young people had the opportunity to work alongside professional musicians and mentors. The mentors provide inspiration and support to the youth involved, giving direction on song writing and production. This lead to two concerts, Ambition and Unique, held at Sacred Heart, both of which were sell out events and provided great community atmosphere and a major sense of achievement for everyone involved.

Following on from the success of the master classes, sessions are now held every Tuesday night lead by a Manchester based team. All of the local high schools and colleges are represented within the Ambition group, reflecting the diversity of SAFE.

Autumn 2013 brings another exciting development for the music project when our recording studio, Ladybird Studios, will open. The studio is currently being built for free by former Detective Chief Inspector Allan Donoghue; Allan also now leads the Ambition music project.

The Ambition Music Project brings together young people from all backgrounds including those hardest to reach in a creative and stimulating environment. The young people meet in a SAFE environment where they experience friendship, love and opportunities to grow and achieve great things.